Days pass

So its been days since my last post…I figured haha I’m not really good at this, something I should have thought of before I went through all the trouble of setting up this page.Typical me, always the impulsive page started, cant even keep a proper journal going. Anyway, here’s a pic…since everyone likes pics apparently: Its from goofing off at my cousins wedding haha I really like the light/silhouette effect… 


Back on

So recently I was talking with my cousin about starting a blog, and it reminded me that I already have one here on #wordpress .and i haven’t really used it in ages! Since I could never think of anything to blog about I figured I’d just #blog about my life until my cousin and I think of interesting things to blog about #lol  I’m on instagram alot so i think I”’ just start with simple stuff, like pics #SelfieTime #hahaha I took this one today…I had been thinking alot about #smiles and what they mean. Sometimes we need to just smile, take in account how #lucky and #blessed we are and just #bask in it you know? #BeHappy ! #Selfie #Hashtagsareweird 20150426_181805


Dear Bloggers

When you write, its all about the words that make their way into your mind. Have you realised that this happens for a reason? That creativity comes to you for a solid purpose. Creativity is the passage that leads to your soul. It shows others, and even yourself, what lies behind the words that are written or spoken. Because behind those words, phrases and seemingly meaningless letters are real emotions and misunderstood feelings. So take some time to listen to those who are crying out for you – even if it seems that you’re crying out to yourself- listen not just with your ears but with your heart – there may be a message in there just for you. #inspiration #thoughts #ideas #becreative

Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine

On the 14th of February 2012, a day normally celebrated – A tragic occurrence took place. Model, Reeva Steenkamp(30), was shot dead in the home of her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius(26) – a renowned Olympic blade runner – who is to appear in court on a charge of murder.

It breaks my heart to see things like this take place – to see precious and beautiful lives lost for no reason. It’s hard to know that to think. On one had you don’t want to believe that someone known to be kind and humble would do something like this and on the other hand it’s hard to understand how someone could be shot four times by accident.

According to their friends and family, the couple were perfectly happy with each other. So how did this happen? Was there more trouble in their relationship than they let on or was it just an accident.

I have just one question –What is Pistorius’ motive?

Goddess Trilogy

I’m working on a book project called ‘The Goddess Trilogy’ and I’ve never been more excited about anything! I’ve never written a book before but hey there’s a first time for everything right? So far book one ‘Enigma’ is complete and I look forward to publishing it as soon as I can. I guess I need to get some people interested in reading it first lol #books #newbooks #newauthor #youngadultfiction #fantasy #lovestory #angelsanddemons #ghosts #Amazon

Enigma is now available on